Saturday, March 31, 2007

Power of Learning = Earning!

Everyone in online marketing or affiliate earning for a income have to research all over the internet to get the information they need to succeed.

I have seen people spend hours,days,weeks, months & even years just to come out making little or no income at all. As a publisher online for HaileysComet Weekly I have met some of the most powerful people that have made thousands even millions of dollars with the time they have been online.

Some have done it in as little as a few months and then retired, Then you have those that work very hard every day no matter how much they make to help others to do the same. Remember when the doublers programs hit the internet and people made hundreds even thousands over night? Do you remember what happen within two months of them hitting the internet, People that was dealing with StormPay was stuck holding a empty bag because they went under and all kinds of trouble broke out.

The only true programs that make money are ones that last, There are very few of them, One that has made it to the top because of the people behind the program is Success University, Not because they have specials all the time but because there are REAL people to talk with an to learn from. I have met with people that joined the so called PAS program and paid out $3,900!

and most of them did not get anything from it an do you know why? Because there was no one to teach them how to market the program to make a profit an ended up getting burnt!

Look at this link, http://www.damonday.net

If you take the time to read it you will not only see that this group of master marketers are online to help you make a living online but also to teach you how to talk with others in a way to make them buy from you and learn to work together as a team.

Success University is just what the name stands for, They have been online for quite sometime, My own companys that I own depend on the things that I learn online.. I would only suggest something that I know myself to work to my own list of people that I work with instead of something that is gone the next day.

My own list of people in my newsletter trust me because they all know over the past 9 years that when I have something to tell them it is only the truth and not something that will brake their bank accounts. I have been called "The Howard Stern" of publishing and my newsletter is in most of the biggest Co-Ops and directories and also forums. The reason for my success is because of people like Damon Day (It is funny we both have the same first names)

But a "FLY BY NIGHT" company Success University is not, it is backed by some of the biggest companys there are and it is not just for people that are into affiliate marketing but also for people that are just starting out online and dont want to loose alot of money. I will tell you from the start that it takes money to make it, But this is one company that can take your funds and turn it into something to be proud of. Right now they are running a $2 14 day trial offer, and the monthly cost is less then a night on the town so dont miss out on something that will give you everything you need to earn online.

So take 5 minutes of your time and just look, It will suprise you to see what some people will do to help others instead of just thinking of themself and what they can get out of people that dont know any better.

Example: http://www.damonday.net

If you talk with Damon tell him that I sent you to him so that he will know that after everything we have been through I still believe there are good people online!

To your Success!

Damon Smith

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Damon Smith is the publisher of Haileyscomet Weekly eZine that gives you the truth about online marketing and advertising. You can check out his newsletter at http://www.haileyscometweekly.com and get some of the best insight info on how he went from nothing to earning thousands a month by helping others.

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